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Programming Classes by Chi Brander specializes in software skills training and consulting for business and individuals. Our team consists of developers with deep knowledge bases and extensive experience, who have worked with a broad cross-section of clients and collaborators. We are innovators, technologists and creators who help businesses and individuals to adabt to rapidly changing tech industry.

We provide customized development training programs to meet the goals of our customers. Learn industry’s most in-demand development programming languages, query languages, frameworks, content managment systems and markups, such as JavaScript, HTML, Java, Python, CSS, SASS, SQL, PHP and many more.

Chicago is a city that hosts a large number of tech giants and startups, and having constantly changing industry requires training and re-trainig of staff and individuals to get on par with current trends and best practices. If you need on-site customized computer programming classes in Chicago or suburbs, we will work with you to make sure we create the best training experience for your needs.